About Aweni

My mission is to bring positivity to you via a  fusion of colourful digital art and words which may include poetry.

I use contemporary and traditional afrocentric art sprinkled with affirmations to nuture the light within.

I'm partial towards the haiku and senryu poetry forms when it comes to my poetry style. Sometimes I go freestyle too.

Here, you can find prints of your favourite art, quotes and poetry for personal use, and on everyday products.

I hope you find something that will remind you that life is worth living and is to be enjoyed despite the odds,
something that will remind you to keep going and not give up.

We all need these reminders now and again.
So, please enjoy!💋

❤️ &🌞, Aweni

High Quality Art Prints + Regular Dose of Affirmations on High Quality Products

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You are beautiful! You are enough!

aweni adams

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